Stylish Face Masks You Can Buy Now

Stylish Face Masks UK

It’s the question we’re all asking right now… where can we buy stylish face masks?

In shops, on public transport and in some public indoor spaces it is now the law in Scotland to wear a face covering unless you have a reasonable excuse such a medical condition. And so as face coverings become part of our day to day lives, we want them to be as stylish as the rest of our wardrobe. From bold prints to silks and even masks for brides – we’ve found 12 stylish face masks you can buy from UK stores now. Looking good, keeping safe!

These masks are not medical grade and not intended as PPE. It’s also important to sanitise your hands before touching your mask and to wash it at 60 degrees between uses. Combine face mask use with social distancing and hand washing so that we can all help to keep each other safe.

Stylish Fashion Face Masks

River Island Face Coverings Stylish Face Masks

2 Pack Printed Face Coverings, River Island, £12.99

Mimi and Lula Spot Print Mask Stylish Face Masks

Polka Dot Face Mask, Mimi & Lula, £10

Designer Face Coverings Stylish Face Masks

Great British Designer Face Coverings by Mulberry, RÆBURN and Halpern, Bags of Ethics, £15

Nephtali Couture Stylish Face Masks

Tchaku Mask, Nephtali Couture, £10

Wolford Silk Mask Stylish Face Masks

Silk Mask, Wolford, £30

Contour Face Masks Gap Stylish Face Masks

3 Pack Contour Face Masks, GAP, £14.95

Leopard Print Face Mask Topshop Stylish Face Masks

Leopard Print Mask, Topshop, £6.99

Bridal Face Mask Mirka Bridal Stylish Face Masks

Luxury Swarovski Crystal Bridal Face Mask, Mirka Bridal, £25

Beatson Charity Tartan Stylish Face Masks

Beatson Tartan Face Mask, Beatson Cancer Charity, £12

SIlk Slip Face Mask Stylish Face Masks

Slip Silk Face Covering, Cult Beauty, £39

New Look Charity Face Mask Stylish Face Masks

Red Charity Face Covering, New Look, £3.99

Boden Face Coverings Stylish Face Masks

3 Pack of Multi Pattern Face Masks, Boden, £20

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