Sam Heughan: My Life In Pictures

Are you a fan of the Scottish Outlander actor? We look at some of the 40-year-old star’s most defining career moments so far…

Sam Heughan’s Life

He’s clearly won over millions of fans…

Sam Heughan's Life

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Sam has undoubtedly captured many hearts throughout his career (just look at his impressive 2 million Instagram followers), especially with his Outlander character, Jamie Fraser.

He said: “Outlander has been well received but it is always odd when people recognise you in America or at airports and come up to you. It is very nice but quite strange.

But it’s something you dream about when you’re working in Glasgow. I remember walking down the same streets I used to go down when I was a drama student, daydreaming about being in an American TV show or doing something that was well known. I guess I sort of pinch myself.”

And he’s no stranger to Hollywood movies…

Sam Heughan's Life

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As well as smashing the world of TV, Sam is also a star on the big screen too – remember his comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me? We loved it!

He fondly remembers: “The script was the thing that really drew me to the film. I read it and was laughing out loud within the first few pages.

Plus, the opportunity to work with Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon was far, far too good to pass up.”

Now he is branching into the world of producing…

Sam Heughan's Life

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His skills don’t stop at acting as the star is now showing off behind the camera too: “I was so excited for the opportunity of being a producer on Outlander, alongside Caitriona. We’ve been involved in a lot of the moulding of season five’s scripts. It’s a difficult process because there are many people involved, but it has been really rewarding.

Throughout the six years we’ve been here, there’s been a lot of change. The story has changed and also the creatives have changed; we have different writers, we have different producers. The one constant has been myself and Caitriona so it’s important, I think, for us to be there to have some continuity and also a voice as well.”

Sam is a true charity man…

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The actor founded the charity, My Peak Challenge. Here, he actively fundraises to help beat blood cancer and inspire its members to live healthier, happier lives by reaching their own‘peaks.’

Did you know?

Sam was crowned as our winner on No.1’s Hot Scot List last year!

Let’s toast to a Scottish tipple…

The actor has released The Sassenach Spirit and to showcase his love for his country, he’s chosen the Scottish national animal, a unicorn, as The Sassenach’s logo!

He said:“It has been so much fun launching my own Sassenach [a term used on the show, Outlander to describe a foreigner] whisky brand. It’s such a Scottish whisky and a unique blend!”

Sam’s newest project is obviously very Scottish-focussed too…

The Balmaclellan star has called upon the help of his Outlander friend, Graham McTavish (who once played his uncle Dougal in the show) to launch a new show – Clan Lands.

Originally a podcast, the duo have now turned it into a must-see programme which will focus on the history, culture, and the beautiful landscape of Scotland.

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