Guess The Celebrity From These Bad Drawings

You might be in for a challenge…

The No.1 team have been VERY hard at work this week using our best skills to bring you these works of art. We challenged members of the No.1 team past and present to sketch Scottish celebrities. But can you guess who they are? You’ll find the answers at the bottom of the page. Good luck…

Guess the Scottish celebrity from these bad drawings…


bad celebrity drawing Andy Murray


bad celebrity drawing Sam Heughan


bad celebrity drawing Gerard Butler


Bad Celebrity Drawings Lewis Capaldi



Badly Drawn Celebrities Karen Gillan


Badly Drawn Celebrities Paolo Nutini


The Answers

  1. Andy Murray
  2. Sam Heughan
  3. Gerard Butler
  4. Lewis Capaldi
  5. Richard Madden
  6. Karen Gillan
  7. Paolo Nutini
  8. Martin Compston

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