Chocolate Fan? You NEED To Celebrate This Holiday

World Nutella Day 2020

Did you know that there is now a full day dedicated to all things Nutella?

World Nutella Day 2020

Today (February 5th) marks one of the tastiest celebrations – World Nutella Day!

Every year fans from all over the world celebrate their love for the treat by sharing messages, photos, recipes and funny videos. We’ve rounded up our fave gifts in order to treat yourself with…

Nutella hamper, Etsy, £23.99

World Nutella Day 2020

Jumper, Beautiful Halo, £12.90

world nutella day 2020

Mug, Zazzle, £17.50

world nutella day 2020

Nutella jar, Tesco, £2


Phone case, Casetify, £25

Personalised spoon, The Laser Boutique, £7.99

Top, Redbubble, £14.96

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