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knock castle review

If your skin is in need of some TLC, a treatment at this Crieff spa is a must…

Located in beautiful surroundings in Crieff, this hidden treasure is perfect for those looking to indulge in a relaxing getaway.

As I travelled through the pretty towns of Braco and Muthill to get to Knock Castle, I knew that I was in for a treat. Not only does the hotel and spa sit upon a hill near the edge of the town, but also boasts over three acres of woodlands. A wonderful, captivating location for an afternoon stroll!

Plus, I’m happy to report, that the rooms found in the Castle itself were nothing short of grand too. I stayed in the Drummond Suite that features an incredible four-poster bed and sunken bath, which I made a note to indulge in after my spa treatment.

After unpacking and enjoying a quick walk around the hotel, I arrived at the renowned spa. It is clear to see here that the guest is always at the forefront of the therapist’s mind as they generously take the time to chat through your skin, medical conditions and individual needs – perfect if you have sensitive, combination skin that is prone to breakouts like me!

As I waited for my treatment to begin, I was shown to the relaxation room which offered tranquil lighting, candles and soft background music.

I decided to opt for the Castle’s signature Pinks Boutique Eco Chic Facial. This combines a gentle exfoliation treatment with a green clay and camellia-based face melt, plus a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage.

My therapist also encouraged lemongrass and mandarin scented products to suit my skin type as these are free from pore blockers which could aggravate my skin type.
And, I was pleased to hear, all products in the Pinks Boutique range are free of synthetic chemicals and are vegan.

My therapist began by gently cleansing my face with the soft exfoliator, which instantly left it feeling soft. This was then removed using hot towels to open up pores. This method is used to restore natural balance to the skin.

Next, my face was massaged along the jawline and around the nose (the areas where I tend to breakout most) and also down my neck and shoulders. I asked for the massage to be medium pressure as my neck can often get tight from sitting at a desk during the week, and this instantly helped to loosen any knots.

Once I was suitably relaxed, the green clay and camellia melt, otherwise known as a cleansing anti-oxidant face mask, was applied to my face to help open pores further and create a smooth texture. Next a face mask was applied and warm pads were placed over my eyes which, I won’t lie, nearly sent me to sleep!

While the mask worked its magic, the therapist let my hair down from the hairband and massaged my head. She then delicately dotted cream under my eyes which, those with sensitive eyes will be happy to hear, is fragrance free so won’t sting!

On the whole, I went into the treatment hoping that the facial would calm any spots on my forehead and cheeks, while soothing dry patches around my nose – and now afterwards, I’m delighted to say the results were incredible.

I’m not really one for going bare-faced in public, but when I looked at my complexion in the mirror and it appeared fresh, glowy and not at all greasy, I knew it would be a waste to pile on any foundation.

Once my treatment was over, the therapist offered use of the heated pool, sauna and jacuzzi, which has views of the surrounding greenery. But instead, to add an extra touch of luxury to my stay (I was staying in a castle after all!) I headed back to my room, poured a glass of prosecco and soaked in the bathtub.

After indulging in a delicious three-course meal in the hotel’s restaurant, complete with tasty mussels and Aberdeen Angus beef, I cosied into my four poster bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The following morning my skin was still glowing and I felt ready to head out and face the world make-up free.

The cost of a Pinks Boutique Eco Chic Facial (which lasts for one hour) is £55 per person.

Visit: Knock Castle Hotel & Spa, 40 Drummond Terrace, Crieff, PH7 4AN


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