The Royal Baby: Written In The Stars

royal baby horoscope

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor may only have been with us for a few short days but his future could already be written in the stars!

No.1‘s astrologer, Lynne Ewart, gives us a rundown of some of Archie’s potential passions and character traits…

No.1 astrologer - Lynne Ewart

“Born on his parents’ pal George Clooney’s birthday, this wee Taurus with Taurus rising is going to be a gorgeous looking baby boy, and he will be so full of charm and quiet mischief, all the while under the rather stern and watchful eye of his definitely doting but duty conscious mum and probably the more indulgent eye of his dad.

“Taurus likes to have harmony around him and doesn’t tend to make big waves, yet in a quiet sort of way this young man may well do just that, perhaps in the name of ecological causes. His chart, rather akin to George Clooney’s, shows an apparent charmer with a serious side. Also someone who is very likely going to have quite a voice, one that’ll be heard.

“Mercury in Aries in his chart suggests he’s very intelligent and impatient, and Mars in curious, animated Gemini, where his Moon is, shows he’s not likely to sit still for too long.

“He’s got a real sporty aspect so expect him to be competitive and maybe even to be a champion in some specific arena. He’s also got Saturn, the career and duty planet, in a very intense configuration that shows a destiny that holds responsibilities. Saturn can show connections to the forces.

“Archie’s great gran, the Queen, is also a Taurus, as are his cousins Charlotte and Louis and his great uncle Charles Spencer. Expect this young Royal to make his mark on the world!”

Sophie Lambert

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