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Fashion for the unforgettable woman

This standout Canadian range is built around key wardrobe essentials including dresses, glamorous tops and jackets with matching coordinates and accessories, making it a true one-stop-shop each and every season.

Since its inception in 2001 in Montréal, the brand’s success due to its styling, quality and unmatched fit has taken the company into over 60 countries worldwide on all continents.

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Ever the creative rebels challenging the status quo, Frank Lyman’s design team constantly refines its styling cues by innovating with the latest fashion trends in fabrics, constructions, and market demands.

It is this variety that has endeared a new generation of women to draw on Frank Lyman Design for daywear, career wear and evening inspirations. The breadth of the collection now appeals to fashionable women of all ages, with items ranging from dressy to fashionably sporty, and includes matching accessories and perfumes to complete the range.

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“Made in Canada” is not just a tag-line, it is a way of business that represents Frank Lyman’s commitment to quality design and ethical production practices. Frank Lyman Design currently produces over 95 percent of its garments in Canada.

Further to this belief, Frank Lyman is proud to partner with the best independent retail stores across Scotland and the UK.

For more information:

W: www.franklyman.com
E: info@franklyman.com


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