Fantoosh, Coorie and Weegie

The March update of the Oxford English Dictionary has been revealed and among the many new inclusions are a whole host of classic Scottish terms…

From coorie to fantoosh, the latest update to the dictionary includes some amazing Scottish words that may lead to their usage becoming more widespread. We have popped some of our favourites from the newly added list before – how many do you use and which would you like to see added in next?

Newly Added Scottish Words

  • Baffies – “A slipper, esp. one that is old and worn out”
  • Bampot – “A foolish, annoying, or obnoxious person; (also spec.) a belligerent or disruptive person. Often as a contemptuous form of address.”
  • Bidie-in – “A person who lives with his or her partner in a non-marital relationship; a cohabiting partner.”
  • Coorie – “intransitive. To crouch, stoop, or keep low, esp. for protection. Usually with down, in.”
  • Eeksie-peeksie – “Evenly balanced; equal.”
  • Fantoosh – “Fancy, showy, flashy; stylish, sophisticated; fashionable, exotic. Often used disparagingly, implying ostentation or pretentiousness.”
  • Rooked – “Originally: deprived of money through fraudulent or underhand means; swindled, fleeced. In later use also (chiefly Scottish): without money…”
  • Sitooterie – “A secluded area within a building where people can sit apart from others; an alcove, recess. Now rare.”
  • Spruggie – “The house sparrow.”
  • Titter – “Intransitive. Scottish (Orkney and Shetland). To shiver, to tremble.”


Check out the full list of the new  Scottish additions here.

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