Grantchester actress, Kacey Ainsworth, exclusively reveals to No.1 what to expect from the new series of the hit ITV show, her opinion on female empowerment and why she loves Scotland…

On Grantchester

I’m excited to reprise the role of Cathy again in Grantchester. Both her storyline and character have definitely expanded and evolved this series, and it was exciting to take that on. She’s been given a new lease of life by getting a job and going out to work.

Although set in the 1950s, Grantchester deals with many issues that are still prevalent now. This series we started off by talking about the Civil Rights movement and it is interesting to see what has really changed since then. 70 years have gone by, but we are still experiencing issues such as racism and religious abuse. The show highlights that attitudes haven’t changed enough.

On issues close to her heart

Another job that is important to me is acting as ambassador for autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online. This charity is really proactive in raising awareness on autism, and being an ambassador requires me to support them. This can be at events, speaking about the issue on social media or the radio and promoting projects they have organised for children with autism up and down the country.

For me personally [one of Kacey’s children is autistic], I know that there needs to be a lot more information available on what autism is. There also needs to be more information readily available for parents of a child that has autism, and also what the spectrum actually means. I think we need to understand autism and ADHD much more and take any kind of mystery away from it.

Image: Paul Clarke

On equality

I find it funny that only women get asked about balancing their work schedules and having children; never men! I always get asked about it, but no one ever questions my partner on how he manages to run his own business and help out at the rugby club as well as fatherhood. I don’t know why this question is still being asked in 2019.

On Scotland

I’ve visited Scotland loads of times. The architecture is really beautiful in Scottish cities and the landscape is stunning. There are also so many fantastic things you can do in Scotland too… if the weather is nice! I love the old Billy Connolly phrase, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.’ If you go to Scotland, you have to pack for every season because you never know what you’re going to get. I love it!

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