Top Chefs Reveal their Favourite Pancakes

If you’re looking for some inspiration for pancake day tomorrow, then read on for some chef recommendations for toppings, which are definitely a step up from lemon and sugar…

Kaori Simpson, chef patron, Harajuku Kitchen, Edinburgh

“I’ll be celebrating Pancake Day with Okonomiyaki – a traditional Japanese pancake made with cabbage. The name translates as ‘what you like’. I like it with king prawn or octopus. Okonomiyaki sauce is an umami rich brown sauce, mayonnaise and a sprinkling of nori or seaweed and dried fish flakes.”

Chef Roberta Hall-McCarron, chef patron, The Little Chartroom, Edinburgh

“If you’re looking for a delicious savoury pancake to enjoy as a main meal, try topping your favourite pancake recipe with braised beef shin, smoked celeriac remoulade and a fried egg.

“To make the remoulade, cut the celeriac into very thin strips and mix in some freshly squeezed lemon juice, mayonnaise, wholegrain mustard and chopped parsley. Season to taste. If you can smoke the celeriac once it’s prepared, even better. ”

Chef Ross Traill, head chef, The Bridge Inn at Ratho


Bridge Inn by Ratho

“This Pancake Day I’ll be making classic Scottish pancakes with honey glazed banana and whipped cream, chocolate sauce and an edible flower in celebration of the first days of spring. Using quality ingredients is my secret to getting the best results from a simple recipe.”

Juan José Castillo Castro, owner, 83 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

“This Pancake Day I’ll be enjoying pancakes with a Chilean twist that remind me of my home country. Combining pumpkin, manjar (a Chilean toffee sauce), crushed walnuts and a dollop of whipped cream. These pancakes are super indulgent yet sophisticated.”

Iain Thomson, executive chef, Appetite Events, Edinburgh


Appetite Events

“Yorkshire forced rhubarb is in season at the moment so I’m looking forward to whipping up sourdough pancakes with it, clotted cream, dehydrated ginger, pistachio sponge and aerated rhubarb puree.

“Simply substitute plain flour for levain (the base for sourdough) and make the pancakes as you would normally. Meanwhile, poach the rhubarb in the oven with sugar, water, lime and orange juice and a touch of vanilla extract and add a dollop of clotted cream – yum!”

Marc Wohner, head chef, The Ship Inn at Elie, Fife

“I’m from Munich so my favourite type of pancake is the Kaiserschmarrn – a fluffy, shredded pancake popular in Bavaria and Austria. To make Kaiserschmarrn, use regular pancake ingredients but separate the egg whites and beat them until they’re stiff before combining them with the flour, yolks and sugar.

“Bake the mix in butter for 6-8 minutes rather than frying it, then split the pancake while it cooks using two forks. Serve it with apple compote and flaked almonds for a sweet treat.”

Ross Sneddon, executive pastry chef, The Balmoral, Edinburgh

“I like to make a vanilla soufflé pancake which is a classic crepe filled with vanilla soufflé mix and baked so that the soufflé mix rises to form a light and fluffy filling. Serve this simply with fresh Meyer lemon curd at this time of the year for a showstopper on Pancake Day if you fancy something more challenging!”

Rosalind Erskine

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