10 Products To Transform Your Lashes

For whichever lash look you are hoping for, here are the top 10 lash products recommended to boost your lashes…

1. Best for curling

This is one of Benefit’s best-selling mascaras of all time and we know exactly why. The ‘Hook ‘n’ Roll’ brush is designed to separate those stubborn lashes and give them a lift. You’ll have long-lasting curved lashes for up to 12 hours.


Mascara, £22

2. Best for lengthening 

This award-winning mascara will surely tick all the boxes as it gives you everything you could ask for in a lash look. It separates, curls and lengthens as well as adding a touch of drama. national-lash-day

Mascara, £23

3. Best for volume

With a formula set to thicken, curl and lengthen your lashes, no wonder this Too Faced mascara is the number one best-seller in America.

national lash day

Mascara, £19

4.  Best for those without natural lashes

This particular product by Eylure is designed to act as a lash replacement for those who have lost their natural lashes. These false lashes are easy to apply as they have a clear self-adhesive band which sticks to the lash line, giving a natural lash look.
national lash day Lashes, £5.25

5. Best for thickening

Available exclusively from Harvey Nichols in Scotland, this cult status Marc Jacobs mascara gives your lashes a soft velvet feel as well as boosting the hard to reach lashes and giving definition and volume.

national lash day

Mascara, £22

6. Best for lifting  

A brand new formula paired with the Layer-Reveal brush is set to capture the thinnest of lashes and gives you a layered, multiplied lash look.

national lash day

Mascara, £8.99

7. Best for a natural lash look

The Style No. 9 are one of Peaches & Cream’s most popular set of lashes as they give both texture and length on top of your natural lashes, creating a gorgeous wispy look. Perfect for every day glamour or those big nights out.

national lash day

Lashes, £4.50

8. Best for fuller natural lashes

This serum targets the short, baby lashes and using natural vitamin extracts, it aims to give you longer, fuller looking lashes after 25 days.

national lash day

Serum, £37.99

9. Best for repairing 

This serum is set to brighten and lift the eye skin while also giving you a younger looking appearance. Damaged lashes are repaired and strengthened, giving you a lovely fresh feel.

national lash day

Serum, £25

10. Best for those who struggle with lash glue

These magnetic style lashes save time and mess as no glue is required, meaning this product can be reused again and again. All you have to do is stick them above and below your natural lashes and you’re ready to go.

Lashes, £13.50



By Caylin O’Brien



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