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Founded in 2017, HeadStrong are a team of dedicated mental health specialists who are on hand to help you make the little changes that will make big things happen.

While the stigmas surrounding mental health are being broken down, many people still fear reaching out. Despite taking your teeth, pets and cars to professionals when they are in need of assistance, many feel that when it comes to emotions and the mind, they can fix it themselves. That very rarely works out well, which is why HeadStrong are here to help.

How Can HeadStrong Help You?

Founder and Director of HeadStrong, Brian Costello, explains how HeadStrong are different: “Our team are trained in a number of different tried and tested techniques, including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and coaching. We don’t tell you what to do or try and get you to think positively, we work with the mechanics of the mind, helping you make changes in the thought patterns that seem way out of your control. By changing the way you think, you change the way you feel and act, leaving you empowered and ensuring exceptional results in everything that you do.”

From anxiety and panic attacks to phobias, addictions, relationship issues and difficulties in achieving your potential, HeadStrong can show you how to reprogram your mind, leaving you back living your life and feeling happy, positive and motivated in as few as four sessions.

These sessions are not counselling sessions that encourage you to dwell on the past. Instead they quickly unravel exactly how your mind is making you feel rubbish and then puts it back together again in a way that leaves you thinking straight and feeling normal. HeadStrong offer a free telephone consultation too so that you can chat with the team and discover how they can help you.




Help For Teens

Although HeadStrong work with adults, the team are specialists in working with teenagers too. The team of Teen Coaches have an in depth understanding of the emotional and mental chaos that teenagers experience and can work with them to help them make positive changes and take control of their minds and emotions, completely transforming their lives and leaving them able to enjoy themselves free of the fear of judgment, pressure and anxiety. From exam pressure to body dysmorphia, depression and panic attacks, HeadStrong help families overcome a huge number of issues that can feel utterly overwhelming.

HeadStrong know that little things make big things happen so why not contact the team today and find out how you could change your life with just a phonecall.

For more information, contact the HeadStrong team on:
T: 0141 255 2123
E: change@headstrongnlp.com
W: www.headstrongnlp.com




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