22 Facts Fans Need To Know About James McAvoy

Have you ever wondered where in Glasgow James McAvoy is from? Or maybe what he wanted to be when he grew up (spoiler: it is NOT an actor!) Well, we have all the must-know secrets about the Scottish star…

James McAvoy Facts

1. The Scottish star was born in Port Glasgow. He was then raised by his maternal grandparents after his parents divorced.

2. He attended St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary. A Catholic school in Jordanhill, Glasgow.

3. When he was growing up, becoming an actor wasn’t on James‘ rader. In fact, he actually wanted to be a priest.

4. However, it wasn’t necessarily to explore religion. It was more because he “wanted to be a missionary… and a free ticket to go and explore the world,” he told the Telegraph.

5. He later turned his hand to drama and worked at a bakery for nearly three years. We can’t help but feel a little disappointed we never got to sample any of James’ cakes!

6. And it turns out that James isn’t the only famous McAvoy in the family. His sister, Joy McAvoy, is also an actress and is currently starring in BBC’s Two Doors Down

7. It is thought that James only wanted his famous X-Men role because the film was shooting close to his house. He once told USA today, “It was in London, 30 minutes from my front door… that’s always nice.”

8. While shooting thriller Split, the Scottish actor broke his hand. However, James actually concealed his injury for several days before going to an urgent-care clinic in Philadelphia, then continued with the shoot. What a hard worker!

9. James never makes New Years resolutions. And if it is good enough for him, then it is good enough for us!

10. He came fourth place on Glamour‘s Sexiest Man Alive list. Narrowly missing out to the likes of Jamie Dornan (first place), Aidan Turner (second place) and Robert Pattinson (third).

11. The Scottish star also has a six-year -old son. His son’s name is Brendan and his mother is James’ ex-wife, Anne-Marie Duff.

12. However, this doesn’t mean he’s on the market ladies! James has been dating his girlfriend Lisa Liberati since 2006.

James McAvoy, James McAvoy facts

James McAvoy. Image: Getty.

13. James has stated that The Goonies is his favourite film. A total classic!

14. He also revealed one of his favourite type of films to work on are animated ones. He told the audience on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: “The fact that you get to show up in your pyjamas, looking like a bag of crabs and honestly nobody really cares. It’s great.”

15. James’ fans are called McAvoyeurs. Do you consider yourself one?

16. He is a huge fan of Celtic Football Club. He also reportedly once stated that his dream role would be to play Celtic player Jimmy Johnstone.

17. In a 2009 interview with the Guardian, James said his dream super power would be to: “help the Scottish football team get to the finals of any international tournament.”

18. The actor didn’t realise the hit movie Split, which he plays the protagonist in, was a sequel to the movie Unbreakable. He reportedly couldn’t understand why the set kept referring to the Bruce Willis’ movie at first.

James McAvoy. James McAvoy facts

James McAvoy. Image: Getty.

19. His birthday is on 21st April. Which makes him a Taurus.

20. For his performance in the film The Last King of Scotland, James won the BAFTA rising Star Award. As well as the BAFTA Scotland Award in 2006.

21. He has a net worth of $17 million. It’d be great if you fancied sharing some of it James?

22. Finally (although it isn’t a fact!) we thought we’d share a little throwback… because who doesn’t love seeing pics of celebrities when they were younger?

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