First Look Inside Scotland’s Biggest Chippy

Biggest chippy

Edinburgh-based Vittoria Group have recently opened Scotland’s biggest Fish and Chip restaurant on Victoria Street, and we went along to take a look.

Bertie’s Restaurant and Bar in Edinburgh’s Old Town is the group’s first foray beyond the Italian food markets, having opened their first restaurant in 1970 in Leith.

Seating an impressive 300, the huge 11,000 sq.ft restaurant is located in the former St John’s Church and offers an affordable menu that reinvents some traditional British chip shop dishes and celebrates specialties including, naturally, fish and chips.

There’s also contemporary twists on the chip shop experience with several lighter options, all under a tenner. Ideal for a budget-friendly date night.

Biggest chippy

Picture: Bertie’s

Dishes include: steak pie – shoulder steak with red wine gravy and a puff pastry top; Bertie’s sea dog – battered cod in a toasted brioche bun served with crushed peas, marie rose sauce and twice cooked chips and Bertie’s fish curry – a Malaysian style curry with fish and seafood cooked in coconut milk and served with coriander rice.

Traditional chip shop favourites are at the heart of the all day menu and include: haddock or cod suppers; battered pork sausage, Whitby scampi and white pudding all served with twice cooked chips. There’s also a range of vegan and vegetarian dishes including vegan fish and chips.

Bertie’s cocktail menu aims to balance Scottish ingredients “with the zest of the seaside”, and includes an Irn Bru spritz – Barr’s Irn Bru mixed with prosecco, Apérol and Angostura bitters; Bertie’s butter beer butterscotch schnapps topped with cream soda and a Buckfast bramble – a combination of gin and Buckfast. 

Vittoria Group Chairman, Tony Crolla said: “We are very proud to open Scotland’s biggest Fish and Chip restaurant here in Edinburgh. The capital’s thriving Old Town is the perfect place to continue driving our restaurant business to new and old customers alike. Bertie’s Restaurant and Bar will offer something for everyone visiting the city as well as those locally who have continued to support our business growth through the decades. “

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