4 Mary Queen of Scots Locations For Every Fan

Mary Queen of Scots (out January 18th 2019), which stars Saoirse Ronan as Mary and Margot Robbie as her second cousin and rival monarch Elizabeth I, offers the perfect excuse to explore Scotland. No.1 have rounded up the many fascinating historical locations that are linked to the Scottish Queen herself…

Mary Queen of Scots Filming Locations

1. Blackness Castle, West Lothian

This 15th century castle recently served as a shooting location in Netflix’s Outlaw Kingand now it plays a role in the new Mary Queen of Scots. However, the movie doesn’t remain true to location as Blackness Castle is actually shown as Linlithgow Palace in the movie. The Palace was where Mary Queen of Scots was born and remained for the first seven months of her life, but filming took place at Blackness.

Blackness Castle, Mary Queen of Scots filming locations

Blackness Castle. Image: Istock.


2. Seacliff Beach and Oxroad Bay, North Berwick

The coastline at Seacliff is said to be the backdrop for Mary’s return to Scotland (which took place in August 1561). In the trailer, you can see the Scottish location in the background as Saoirse Ronan’s protagonist’s says: “England does not look so different from Scotland”.

Seacliff Beach, Mary Queen of Scots filming locations

Seacliff Beach. Image: Istock.


3. Glencoe

It’s thought that many backdrops in the movie were filmed in Glencoe and the Cairngorms, and it is easy to see why giving how stunning and atmospheric these places are. According to the BBC, Saoirse was pictured riding in a horse and carriage through the Scottish hills.

Glencoe, Mary Queen of Scots filming locations

Glencoe. Image: Istock.


4. Strathdon, Aberdeenshire

According to Visit Scotland, filming for the upcoming movie took place at the Poldullie Bridge in Strathdon. This scene is said to include Queen Mary getting ambushed in a fight scene with cows that are blocking the bridge.

Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Mary Queen of Scots filming locations.

Co-stars Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Image: Getty.

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