30 Sam Heughan Pictures For Every Outlander Fan

To make everyone’s day a little bit brighter, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Sam Heughan pictures!

From behind the scenes of Outlander and his new Barbour campaign to pictures of Sam’s trusty sidekick (spoiler: it’s the cutest dog ever!) and a childhood snap, we’ve got something for every fan of the Scottish actor.

Sam Heughan Pictures

Images supplied by Getty and Instagram.

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  1. Sam Heughan pictures
    It's no secret that we're massive Sam Heughan fans here at No.1!
  2. Sam Heughan pictures
    We love him as the brave Jamie Fraser in Outlander!
  3. Sam Heughan pictures
    And it's clear to see the entire Outlander cast are the best of friends!
  4. Sam Heughan pictures
    Just look at how he lovingly stares at his co-star, Caitriona Balfe.
  5. Sam Heughan pictures
    Their chemistry and friendship transcends from on-screen to off-screen...
  6. Sam Heughan pictures
    But it's not only his Outlander friends he loves to spend time with, but also his The Spy Who Dumped Me co-stars too!
  7. Sam Heughan pictures
    Sam is also man after our own hearts as he loves dogs just as much as we do!
  8. Sam Heughan pictures
    Even muddy puddles won't stop him walking his sidekick!
  9. Sam Heughan pictures
    It's also clear to see the Scottish actor is taking the fashion world by storm with his campaign for Barbour. 
  10. Sam Heughan pictures
    You only have to look at his latest Ba campaign, which draws on his love for the outdoors...
  11. Featured Image for Capture
    ... to see how much of a natural he is, not only at acting, but modelling too!
  12. Sam Heughan pictures
    And, as you can see, he's a bit of a daredevil when it comes to sports!
  13. Featured Image for Capture3
    Just look at his Instagram to see how often he works out...
  14. Featured Image for Capture6
    Sam also revealed to Men's Health he carefully sticks to a rigorous exercise regime five days a week.
  15. Sam Heughan pictures
    But the star also knows when to slow down and have fun!
  16. Sam Heughan pictures
    Even if it does mean a long hike in the snow! Hey, he's Scottish after all. He knows how to prepare for any kind of weather!
  17. Featured Image for Capture12
    Oh, and did we mention that before Outlander, Sam was the star of a popular Tennents beer ad? Even though he's immersed in the world of Hollywood, Sam remains true to his Scottish roots!
  18. Sam Heughan pictures
    There have also been rumours that Sam Heughan could be the next James Bond...
  19. Sam Heughan pictures
    And it seems he already has a sports car ready for the role!
  20. Sam Heughan pictures
    We think he'd make an amazing 007!
  21. Sam Heughan
    It's also lovely to see how much time Sam spends chatting to fans.
  22. Sam Heughan pictures
    And posts on social media whenever someone sends him an Outlander-related gift. How cool is this coffee art?
  23. Sam Heughan pictures

    Although we are slightly jealous of his famous pals. He even got to spend time with the one and only Whoopi Goldberg!

  24. Sam Heughan pictures
    AND Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things!
  25. Sam Heughan pictures
    It seems the actor is incredibly down to earth and loves to goof around!
  26. Sam Heughan pictures
    Especially on the lead up to Christmas as he poses in his Outlander costume.
  27. Sam Heughan pictures
    And we couldn't do a round-up of Sam Heughan pictures without including a MAJOR throwback. How cute does he look?
  28. Sam Heughan pictures
    Not as striking as he does now though, of course!
  29. Sam Heughan pictures
    And we wanted to include this picture because... who doesn't love a cowboy hat?
  30. Sam Heughan pictures
    Here's to you, Sam Heughan!

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