Exclusive Interview: The Latest Love Island Gossip

As the islanders enjoy a long, hot summer of love, Scottish DJ, TV presenter and Love Island’s podcast host Arielle Free brings No.1 the latest gossip from the villa…

All the gossip from last night…

What are your thoughts following last night’s bombshell of Adam talking about Rosie behind her back?

Adam is getting a lot of stick at the moment because I think a lot of girls will be able to relate to the situation. He ditched Kendall because she chose to take it slow but now he isn’t happy Rosie wants to go at a faster pace. I don’t think Adam really knows what he wants. However, as bad as the situation is, it brought out a lovely moment of friendship for the girls as they all really stuck together.

There’s been a lot of girl power this season, it’s so encouraging to see!

Yes, absolutely! I love that the girls have one other’s back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a game plan and have spoken beforehand on who they should each pick tonight. I really hope that Rosie doesn’t pick Adam, she deserves so much better than that. But we should expect to even more girl power and support, for sure.

Also, and I’m not just saying it because she’s flying the Scottish flag, but Laura seems to be real girls’ girl. She’s coming across really well and is always offering up some words of wisdom when anyone needs it.

What we can expect from tonight’s episode of Love Island…

Can you spill any secrets?

We obviously had a lot of drama last night, but I think we can expect even more as it’s up to the girls to choose their re-coupling partners. I can’t tell you everything that’s going to happen… but I think people will be surprised by tonight’s results! Nothing ever runs smoothly.

And it’s all up in the air at the moment as we’re wondering if Megan will pick Alex or Eyal. I genuinely think she’s having a dilemma about that though and her head is all over the place… although the whole nation is no doubt rooting for Alex. He’s such a sweetheart and it wasn’t fair Eyal kissed Megan right in front of him. Hats off to Alex for pulling him up about it though!

Who do you think each of the girls will pick?

Well it all depends on the order and who gets to go first. Georgia, although she was sad to see Niall go, is now quite keen on Josh but then again so is Samira and Hayley. It could all kick off if they don’t get who they want! Whoever is last will only be able to pick who they get given.


Arielle’s predictions for the series…

Who can we expect to make the final?

Although it’s a bit early to say, I think most people will expect Wes and Laura to be there because they’re quite settled together. However, I think this could also go the other way and they need to be careful. People could lose interest in them because our viewers love a bit of drama! It’s not that they don’t want people to fall in love, but we saw last year when everyone was rooting for Camilla and when she coupled up with Jamie interest died down because she was more settled.

Jack and Dani are also really good contenders because they have great banter and chat. You can really see the chemistry between them… but things can always change. We’re only in week two!

But it must feel natural to fall into a relationship, especially since couples are spending 24/7 together?

I interviewed Kendall the other day and she said that the villa looks so much bigger on TV than it does in real life, especially the bedroom. The gap between each bed is only enough to fit one person so it can get uncomfortably close to each other. So I think, when you’re living in that kind of proximity, it must be so intense. 

The villa looks amazing though…

Well, apparently it’s freezing! The crew always leave the air-con on, especially in the bedrooms to stop it getting smelly and sweaty. It’s not as glamorous as you might think!


The Love Island secrets everyone should know…

Last year the most used phrase was ‘muggy’ – what do you think it could be this season?

We’re still waiting on that all important catchphrase but I think it’ll likely be something from Dani. She comes out with some absolutely hilarious one liners – from calling things ‘savage’ or telling girls to ‘sack him off!’

And are there any exclusive secrets can you spill to No.1?

We could potentially see someone go… really soon! Whether it’s a boy or girl or if it’s a public vote, I can’t say. There’s also talks of another house like last season which I think could really shake things up between some of the couples.

When it comes to Love Island, you need to be prepared for anything. By the end of this week I think viewers could be in for a real surprise!

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