These Are the Rarest and Most Popular Baby Names in The UK

Would you be tempted to use one of these VERY unique and unusual names for your baby boy or girl?

It’s always tough picking out the perfect name for your little bundle of joy because choosing their name is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. A recent list published by the Office of National Statistics revealed Britain’s least popular baby names. So if you’re looking for a super original one, the names listed below are the rarest in the UK.

There’s not a Tom, Mary or John newborn in sight when it comes to the rarest baby names in the UK, and this list will undoubtedly come in handy for parents who want their little one to be the only one in the class with their name.



  1. Agape
  2. Birdie
  3. Noam
  4. Onyx
  5. Oracle
  6. Sonai
  7. Sondos
  8. Tiger
  9. Yvette


  1. Ajax
  2. Dougal
  3. Henderson
  4. Jools
  5. Marvellous
  6. Oakleigh
  7. Oswin
  8. Richmond
  9. Tadgh
  10. Thibault

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But if these names don’t quite make your list, we’ve also compiled the UK’s most popular ones too.

In a similar survey, the ONS revealed that Olivia took the lead in most common girls’ names, replacing Amelia which had occupied the top spot for the last five years. And, for the fourth year in a row, Oliver was first place for boys.

And, looking at the results, it seems as if the current trend for baby names is to go quite traditional.

Most Common*


  1. Olivia
  2. Amelia
  3. Emily
  4. Isla
  5. Isabella
  6. Lily
  7. Jessica
  8. Ella
  9. Mia


  1. Oliver
  2. Harry
  3. George
  4. Jack
  5. Jacob
  6. Noah
  7. Charlie
  8. Muhammad
  9. Thomas
  10. Oscar

*All statistics and data taken from the Office of National Statistics, 2016-2017

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Emma Rinaldi