Take This 7 Day Challenge to Become a Better You

Feeling like you’re in a monotonous life-cycle? Want to try new things and feel alive? Give this achievable 7-day challenge a go to make you a more positive, grateful individual.

Day 1. Date Yourself

Whether that’s the cinema, a park or museum trip – do something alone you would usually do with a friend or partner. Learn to enjoy being independent and not embarrassed to love your own company. Being your own best friend will certainly fill you with an exhilarating sense of freedom and self-love.

Day 2. No Complaints

Whether that’s about the weather, your weight or a friend. For today you are on a complaining ban. But instead take these moments to explore what you are grateful for. The effects of remaining positive has astonishing effects on not just your mood but everyone around you. It’s true what Roald Dahl says, “If you have nice thoughts, they will shine out on your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”.

Day 3. Say ‘Yes’

More experiences ultimately result in a happier life. The key to doing more is as simple as saying ‘yes’ to activities. Start by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone by joining your new colleagues for drinks or starting a new sport. This could then lead to taking life-changing trips and experiences. Often ask yourself, ‘If not now, when?’. The chances are if you don’t say yes now, the opportunity will likely never occur again. Obviously though, don’t say yes to absolutely every offer you receive.

Day 4. No Using Your Mobile

This sounds like it should be fairly simple but going phone-less for a day will make you aware of just how dependent we are on these devices. Whether that’s for online banking, google maps, or checking Facebook, it’s worrying how reliant we are. As a population we are so engrossed with our online selves, letting the real world pass us by. It’s time to make a change.

Day 5. Go Makeup Free All Day

Being bare faced can be daunting at first. But it’s remarkable how powerful you will feel after successfully completing this day. You will realise how little the people around you care if your cheekbones are glowing or lips are glossy. It also means more precious time to sleep in the morning!

Day 6. Send a Gift The effect a personalised gift can have on a person’s mood is miraculous. Send some flowers to an old friend, or buy your mother a necklace. Appreciate the wonderful people you have in your life and remind them of your love. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just thoughtful.

Day 7. Repeat The Day You Found Most Challenging

And become a better you.

Emma Rinaldi