Aging isn’t a Thing for These Celebs

The Rock

Age: 45

Dwayne Johnston has aged pretty well; we could never tell her was 45. Even if we could, we wouldn’t tell him anyway, have you seen the size of him?

Jennifer Aniston

Age: 48

Jennifer Aniston has barely changed since her Friends days and we are jealous. Is that 30-year-old Rachel Green in that picture?

George Clooney

Age: 53

Every woman’s crush isn’t he? New dad George Clooney only seems to get better with age.

Jennifer Lopez

Age: 47

The fact J-Lo is just shy of 50 yet looks better than she ever has blows our minds.

Will Smith

Age: 48

This picture of Will Smith could easily be from his Fresh Prince days, as Will hasn’t changed a bit!

Julia Roberts

Age: 49

Julie Roberts has aged so well and that famous grin is ageless. She still looks amazing and for being nearly 50, she’s doing good.

Paul Rudd

Age: 48

Paul Rudd has looked the same as long as I can remember. He could still be in his 20’s in this picture for all we know.


Age: 35

Queen B. Flawless as ever, wonder if she woke up like that? Because we certainly didn’t.




Emma Rinaldi