Outrage as it is revealed the winners of Let It Shine will be backing singers

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 17: Gary Barlow arrives for the European premiere of 'Eddie The Eagle' at Odeon Leicester Square on March 17, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)


Last week, Five to Five were crowned the winners in the finale of Gary Barlow’s Let It Shine. However, fans have been left in shock after it was revealed that the winners will actually be more like backing singers and not the main act after winning The Band.


PIC CREDIT: www.instagram.com/its_sariosolomon

Let It Shine producers have been under fire and accused of “misleading” viewers after making them believe the winners would be the main stars of the musical based on Take That.

Five to Five, which is made up of AJ Bentley, Sario Solomon, Curtis T Johns, Nick Carsberg and Yazdan Qafouri, will not have any spoken parts in the show and instead it will focus on five 16-year-old female fans of the band.

Many fans of Let It Shine took to Twitter to voice their anger in not making the roles clear. Mirror TV critic Ian Hyland tweeted: “So the band who won Let It Shine are not even the stars of Gary Barlow’s Take That musical? They’re the chorus line. Bad form that, BBC 1.”

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PIC CREDIT: www.instagram.com/its_sariosolomon

A spokesperson for the BBC has explained the situation, saying: “With Let it Shine we always said we were casting for a band to appear in a musical based on the music of Take That and they had to be able to sing and dance – like a boy band. The winners will sing and dance to 14 Take That numbers in Gary’s musical. We never said we were casting actors. But they will be front and centre of the musical.”