Face mapping: What your spots are trying to tell you…

Studio shot of enigmatic woman


Your Forehead:

Spots in this area can be caused by a poor digestive system or bladder, due to eating too much processed or junk food. If you regularly breakout here, try flushing out toxins by drinking more water and eating foods like cucumber and celery which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Between Your Brows

Do you enjoy a glass of wine at night? Well, this could be the source of spots in this area. Breakouts between your eyebrows can be caused by too much alcohol or dairy, which could lead to a weak liver. This zone will also flag up any food allergies, so, if you regularly have breakouts after eating a certain food type it might be worth getting tested for food allergies or intolerances. To prevent spots in this area, check the ingredients of your food and reduce your alcohol intake.

Your Cheeks

Blemishes on your cheeks can be due to a poor respiratory system. Smokers tend to be typical victims of this type of breakout. The best way to avoid this is to cut down your daily intake of tobacco and ensure you get plenty of fresh air. Fresh, clean air will transport oxygen to your body’s cells, helping them to rejuvenate.

Around Your Mouth

This is a very common area for breakouts in most women. Spots in this zone tend to highlight high stress levels or hormone imbalances. There are very few things that can prevent a stress or hormonal breakout, but the best remedies are healthy eating and exercise. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit, veg and protein!

Your Chin

Spots on your chin can often be triggered by stomach problems. Stomach issues can be related to a diet that is jam-packed with rich foods, such as things that contain a lot of butter, oil, or cream. Try to detox your diet of these foods and you’ll notice a difference in your skin.

Your Neck

Blemishes on the neck area tend to indicate illness. Your body may be trying to fight off bacteria, which can cause this area to become irritated and suffer an outbreak. Make sure your body is getting plenty of the vitamins it needs to fight infections.