Beauty tips from abroad

We can learn so much from our friends abroad. Here are some of their best beauty tricks for you to try….





The people of Germany can often be found treading in cold water to activate blood circulation, this is also known as Kneipp treatment. This traditional technique is said to strengthen your immune system and promote a good night’s sleep to keep you in top condition.


Feet washed in surf on tropical sandy beach



The Spanish are well-known for using potatoes in some of their delicious tapas dishes, but did you know Spanish people have another use for the vegetable? A favourite Spanish beauty trick is to leave sliced potatoes under your eyes. It helps to boost hydration with a similar cooling effect to cucumber and can also help with the dreaded dark circles.



With some gorgeous beaches to spend time on, it’s no wonder that the Greeks have invented an easy beauty trick to protect their hair from sand and salt. A favourite beauty product in Greece is olive oil, which is applied all over the hair before a trip to the beach in order to hydrate and protect those luscious locks. Adding olive oil to meals, like salads, is also said to leave skin with a healthy glow.





When it comes to beauty tricks in France, skincare is key. Because French women prefer not to look too made up, keeping their skin in tip top shape is vital. They often swear by people facial massage and do it daily whilst applying moisturiser.

Laura Coventry