5 things it’s NOT okay to say!

not to say


Are you guilty of putting your foot in it with any of these off-limits topics?


  • “You’re too skinny. You should eat more.”

Now, while we have always frowned upon the opposite of this one, it’s only recently that people have started to understand the term ‘body shaming’. Body shaming is described as inappropriate negative statements towards another person’s weight or size. It’s a hot topic with celebs too, Kim Kardashian hit back at criticism for posting a naked selfie, saying, “It’s 2016. The body-shaming – enough is enough!”

Meanwhile Cheryl took internet trolls to task, saying, “Body shaming has to stop. It’s bulls**t. Something has to be done, or changed, even if it’s done in law. Every woman has a different body type.”

It’s worth remembering that women can be self conscious about their body type, regardless of their size.


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  • “When are you getting married?”

The pet hate of every co-habiting couple, ‘When are you getting married?’. Firstly, given that it’s the man who usually asks the woman, it’s quite likely she doesn’t know when, or if, it will happen. Secondly, there’s a good chance they don’t want to get married and they now feel like they have to explain to you why, and thirdly, it’s just none of your business.


  • “Why are you still single?”

While the person asking may actually mean ‘why has this fabulous woman not been snapped up’, there’s a good chance it leaves said fabulous woman feeling as though you’re implying there’s something wrong with her.


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  • “When are you going to have a baby?”

Deciding on whether you want to have children or not can be one of the most personal decisions you make in life. It can be perceived as very intrusive when you ask someone when they plan on starting a family. There are lots of reasons as to why someone hasn’t had children yet, maybe they aren’t able to have a child, or maybe they simply just don’t want children – you just never know.

More recently it has become the norm to talk about a woman’s ‘body clock’. When Nicole Scherzinger appeared on Wendy Williams’ US chat show last year, the host told her, she had “Wasted seven years of her life” with Lewis Hamilton, as those are the “Good years for having babies”. This sparked outrage amongst many, but like the trooper she is, Nicole simply said she believes, “Everything happens for a reason”. But we believe it simply isn’t okay to ask about a woman’s reproductive choices.


  • “You’re starting to get really big now!”

Probably one of the most annoying comments you can make to a pregnant woman. You may think it’s a harmless comment to make, but in fact, you may actually offend them. Understandably, women can feel a little insecure as they start to get bigger when pregnant, and they may not be feeling their best. So when you pass comment on their changing shape and size, there’s a good chance you are adding to any insecurities they are already experiencing.


Has anyone said any of the above to you, or worse?
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Laura Coventry