12 facts about your friends you should know

Young female friends embracing together standing in a park.


Today is International Friendship Day, so to mark this special day No.1 found out 12 fascinating facts about friendship – why not share them with your friends?


  1. Research has show that friendship leads to a healthier and happier life.
  2. The more friends you have, the longer you will live, that is what a survey found. It followed 1,500 people over 10 years and discovered that people who had a larger number of friends outlived those with fewer friends.
  3. Apparently men and women can’t be “just good friends”, according to research by the University of Wisconsin, which found that men who are friends with women are more likely to be “physically and sexually attracted to their female friends”.
  4. Even though we have an average of 22 pals, we can only rely of three of them. This was concluded by skincare company Nivea who surveyed 3,000 people
  5. The Nivea study also looked into the rise of social media and online friendships and concluded that around 66 per cent rely on mobile phone contact.
  6. The average number of  social media friend – whom we interact with – is 150. Even those who have accumulated more than 1,000 friends, only actually interact with around 150, found Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary anthropologist.
  7. A study found that while you have 150 ‘casual friends’ in your friendship circle, you have around 50 who you would invite to a large party, 15 you would turn to for help, and 5 you would trust with anything – this is known as the Dunbar Number (notice it decreases by the rule of threes).
  8. Three of the top friendship qualities people look for are: humility, generosity and reliability.
  9. In our lifetime, we make nearly 400 friends, but only hold on to a handful of these people, according to experts at Microsoft’s MSN Messenger who carried out the survey.
  10. In a UK study of 10,000 people, more than half (58 per cent) regard friends as the most important thing in their lives.
  11. Apparently, there are 11 types of friends that you will have in a lifetime, these include ‘The Gopher” (the people who do much more for us than we do for them) and “The Skipper” (the pal who organises everything and makes the decisions about where/who/when)
  12. A recent survey found that after the age of 25, women start to lose friends. But while the quantity of friends tend to slip away,  the quality of close friendships increases as we get older.

Laura Coventry