10 ways to enjoy a stress-free morning

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Getting ready in the morning can be a challenge. From the struggle of getting out of your cosy bed to dashing about the house looking for the car keys, there must be an easier way to handle the morning regime? Well, here are our top 10 ways to make your mornings stress-free:


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1….Plan the night before: 

In the morning you can end up rushing about trying to do a hundred and one things. So why not plan everything out the night before. Simple tasks like packing your lunch, handbag and planning your outfit will give you more time in the morning to focus on you. Even checking the weather will help you plan ahead so you’re not hunting down your umbrella the next morning when an unexpected thunderstorm rears its ugly head.



2…..Get enough sleep:

As simple as that may sound, a lot of us will stay up watching TV or scroll through our phones, tablets, etc. Time will fly by and it is 1am and you need to be up in five hours. The average adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep a night. So if you need to be up at 6am, make sure you in bed, asleep by 10pm and when you wake up, you will feel more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.



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3…. Set your phone aside:

Give yourself at least 15 minutes free of screen time from your phone when you first wake up. Experts say that scrolling through Facebook, emails, news etc. puts your recently rested brain into panic mode in order to wake up quicker. If you can, try and ignore your phone until you’re on your way out the door so that your mind is wide awake and can better process all the information from Facebook and news websites.


4….Cut back on the coffee:

As scary as that may sound to some, you are better to leave the caffeine kick until you get to the office. You might think it helps but that jolt of energy is really your body heading into overdrive. Caffeine is a stimulant and if you guzzle down coffee first thing in the morning you are likely to crash once you get in to the office. Wait until you are at work for that morning cup, your body can naturally energise and you will feel a lot better for it.




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5… Let in the light:

Make a habit of pulling back the curtains and letting in the harsh light of day. By exposing your body to sunlight, you will feel more alert and energised. It is a simple habit to get into and will help refresh your mind.



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6….Immerse yourself in a clean and fresh environment:

Having a bath or shower just after you wake up will help you feel more relaxed and energised, as water is known for having amazing calming effects. Set aside 15 minutes and your mood will improve and help you focus throughout the day on tasks and jobs. Another way to freshen up is to meditate. As boring as it may seem, sitting in comfortable position and focusing on clearing your mind can help clear your mind and set you up for a stress free day.



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7…Have your breakfast:

As the old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is no lie. You are essentially breaking the fast and most of us won’t have eaten since dinner the night before. By eating your breakfast, you will awaken your metabolism and reduce any hunger. You will also increase your energy levels for the day ahead. So sit down, grab the cereal and your favourite magazine and focus on staying calm.


8….Affirmative action:

Affirmations are wonderful things. By being positive you calm your body, release stress and give yourself a large dose of confidence. Taking a few minutes in your morning routine to focus on the good things about you will keep you feeling chilled.




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9….Get up at go:

As crazy as that may sound, getting up and out of the house for a bit of exercise in the morning is one of the best ways to improve your mood. Your energy levels will burst open and it will kick start your metabolism. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get up and go, be it a run, a gym session or a quick dip in the pool. Any form of activity will help you feel fabulous and stress free in the morning.



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10….Working from home:
So you work from home. That should make the morning more relaxing. But do not just think you can sit in bed answering emails. The best thing for you to do is to get up and get dressed; otherwise you will think it is time to relax. That will not help you stress less as you may be more inclined to laze about on tasks.




Laura Coventry