10 things reminding you that you were born in 1980s

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It was the era that brought us Madonna, Wham!, Rubix Cubes, the Moonwalk, E.T, The Breakfast Club, glam rock, shoulder pads, jelly bracelets and the iconic perm. We are, of course, talking about the 80s. It is fair to say that it was a colourful era and fun time to be a kid.

Here is a list of 10 things that will remind you that you were born in the 80s:


Telephone Poster in pop art style. Vintage colorful phones



1. When telephones were hooked to the wall… or they wouldn’t work.

Kids these days don’t understand the hassle of making plans with family and friends in the 1980s. It’s all at the touch of a button. In the 80s you actually had to pick up the phone, stay in one place, turn the dial and hope the person on the other end was home. You also had to stick to your plans and meet when you said you would otherwise you wouldn’t have the means to find out where anyone was if they were not home!


2 my little pony


2. When My Little Pony had average-sized heads and Bronies where a thing of the future

Before there were Bronies, there were simply children who loved the adventures of these colourful, magical creatures. It had everything; a feature film, a TV series, pony toys, a dream castle, books, boards games, the list goes on. You would sit for hours playing with your pony in their dream castle going up against witches, trolls and goblins or simply styling their hair and giving them a haircut… My Little Pony looked fabulous with a buzz cut!


Portable cassette player and headphones isolated on white. Generic design.



3. When music was full of ballads, synths, screeching high notes and mullets.

80s music, especially the later years, brought us a mix of ballads and hyped-up pop tracks. You would listen to the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Whitney Houston and Cyndi Lauper on our Boombox or Walkman whilst casually walking down the street. You just had to make sure you had about 10 packets of batteries in you pocket incase your favourtie tune cut out in the middle!


Home made rainbow pom-poms sitting in a cluster



4. When a slow Sunday afternoon was filled with pom-pom making

These were the best things to make, especially if you were short on money and needed a birthday/Christmas present ASAP. So simple and easy, pom-poms brought hours of fun as you’d sit with two bits of cardboard and different coloured wools as you created woolly spheres to decorate your bedroom with.



Vanilla ice cream in bowl with colorful sprinkles



5. When your pocket money was spent on ice cream pots.

Popping down to the corner shop on a hot day and spending your pocket money on a small tub of ice cream was the highlight of your summer. You just had to watch that you didn’t get any splinters from the wooden spoon!



toy miniature umbrella shaped point 5 pencil with umbrella shaped eraser



6. When every trip out meant buying a rubber for your collection.

The 80s was full of colours… and stationary! From book fairs to a Saturday morning trip to Woolworths, you had to have best and you weren’t ashamed to boast to your friends about your amazing rubber collection.



Tenterden, England - December 10, 2008: Shoppers walk past a branch of the Woolworths store chain at Tenterden in Kent. All 807 branches in the UK closed down between December 2008 and January 2009 after the Woolworths Group went into Administration.



7. When Woolies was your first choice for sweets.

“Everybody needs a Woolworths store these days,’’ so the TV advert said and in the 80s we really did! A visit to the high street store was the highlight of your weekend. Remember heading  straight to the toy section with your pocket money held tightly in your tiny hand as you admired shelves full of Barbies, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, Popples, Rainbow Brite dolls and Fisher Price toys? You also had to stop by the pick ‘n’ mix section and stuff your bag full of snakes, cola bottles, jelly babies, bumper bananas and snowies. What a time to be alive!


8 beano annual


8. When Christmas morning came and there was always an annual in the pile of presents

There was something for everyone; Twinkle, Beano, Bunty, Neighbours, Jackie, Glo Friends, Rupert and the Dandy. The annual was the perfect boredom buster for a rainy afternoon with puzzles, comics, colouring in pages. Every year you were guaranteed to receive at least one annual in Santa’s sack!


Portrait of 1980s style sensual young woman wearing navy blue dress, looking at the camera. Pink background.



9. When you couldn’t leave the house without crimping your hair.

80s fashion was a showstopper. It was large and loud, and the era of big hair. You couldn’t go to a school disco without a perm or crimping your hair. This style was topped off with a sweatband, a ra-ra skirt, plastic earrings, legwarmers and insanely high heels. You were a fabulous neon diva!


Collection of vintage audio cassettes



10. When taping your favourite song of the radio was a science.

Now you have YouTube or Spotify to instantly listen to your favourite song. In the 80s you sat on the floor, listening to the radio and would have your fingers at the ready to start recording when a song came on and hitting the pause button when the radio presenter would speak. Mix tapes were the perfect present to show you cared. They took days, even weeks to make!


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Laura Coventry