Spa Review: Auchrannie Resort

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We all do it – become a prisoner of life by not taking enough time for ourselves or setting aside that much-needed dose of relaxation. It’s important to indulge in a little TLC every now and then, because after all, you deserve it! That’s why we decided to take some time out and head for the beautiful Isle of Arran to Auchrannie Resort.

  • The Hype

We were shown to our lockers on arrival, which contained super soft dressing gowns, comfy slippers and a fluffy towel to use during our visit. After the initial consultation to check we had no outstanding medical problems, I opted to go for the Be Enveloped ISHGA Algae Wrap.

My therapist, Naomi, took me into one the treatment rooms and she talked me through what the treatment would entail, which allowed me to ask any questions and find out a little more about the products that were about to be used on my skin. First, the ISHGA Hebridean Sea Salt and Oil Scrub was applied all over my body. The salt contained in this is all-natural and contains over 60 elements such as calcium and magnesium, which are essential for the body. This intensive scrub sloughs away any dull and dead skin,
and also stimulates the circulation.

  • The Treatment

Next, the warm algae mud is applied over the salt. The mud contains Hebridean Seaweed which is said to have a whole host of health and cosmetic benefits. I was most interested in its tightening and toning abilities, Naomi assured me it would work well on any bloating around my tummy and help to reduce cellulite on my thighs.

My body was then cocooned in toasty towels. Picture a human burrito, the cosiest of all ways to relax – this was me. I was lovely and warm now, so while the products worked their magic, Naomi massaged my head and scalp while I drifted into a quick power nap. I felt truly relaxed.


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  • The Results

I got up slowly from the table and put my dressing gown back on, then went to shower off the products. I instantly noticed the difference on my skin, it was so silky soft. Once I had dried off, the last step of this relaxing process was to have invigorating body oil applied, which further nourished my skin and it began to feel even softer.

Something I loved about this treatment was that none of the products used smelled chemically at all – everything smelled fresh and natural, it all felt lovely on my skin.

It is recommended to drink a lot of water (preferably with lemon) after the treatment to keep the body hydrated, so I had one of these before attempting to leave the room (something I didn’t want to do as I had enjoyed it so much). I was led to ASPA’s relaxation room where I chilled out in one of the curved pods with a peppermint tea. In this little oasis of calm I let my mind go completely blank and felt completely relaxed, my skin felt totally replenished.

  • The Experience

After half an hour we were called to lunch. ASPA offers a range of lunch options – from sandwiches and light bites, to macaroni cheese for the hungrier spa goer. We opted for the bento boxes. Having taken advantage of Auchrannie’s amazing breakfast just a short while ago, I decided the refreshing fruit platter was for me. My companion went for the bento box that contained a mix of smoked fish, bread, crackers, cheese, chutney and salad. Of course I had to sample this too, it was delicious!

Guests are welcome to enjoy the leisure facilities for the rest of the day, so went for a quick swim before calling it a day. I left ASPA at Auchrannie feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. My skin felt soft and glowing. My stomach felt much less bloated from indulging in a beautiful dinner at Auchrannie’s restaurant, Eighteen 69, the night before.


  • Auchrannie Resort,
    Auchrannie Road
    Isle of Arran
    KA27 8BZ
    01770 302 234

Laura Coventry