Hair hacks: revealed

Get holiday hair by discovering the hidden secrets that you never knew about styling your crowning glory.

  1. Featured Image for dry shampoo
    Apply dry shampoo just before going to sleep instead of in the morning. It settles in nicely overnight so that hair will be revived, but it won’t have that tell-tale white tinge to it. SUGGESTION PRODUCT: Try Baptiste Dry Shampoo On The Go Blush 50ml, Superdrug, £1.50
  2. Featured Image for extensions
    If you have bought clip-in hair extensions and they look shiny and fake, spray them with dry shampoo and then comb through. This will mattify them and make them blend better with your natural hair.  
  3. Featured Image for Wet hair
    If your hair is frizzy after washing, use a t-shirt to squeeze out excess water instead of a towel – it will keep the hair smooth. Plus a t-shirt is more absorbent that a towel.
  4. Featured Image for grips
    If your Kirby grips are constantly slipping out, it could be because you’ve been using them wrong. You should be sliding them into your hair with the bumpy side (not the smooth side) closest to the scalp – this will stop it slipping out. PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Try Blending Hair Grips, 30 pack, Boots, £1.49
  5. Featured Image for hands of hairdresser weaving braid
    For beachy waves in a hurry, roughdry your hair until it’s slightly damp, scrunch in a mousse all over, section hair into four and plait each section. Then blast each plait with a hairdryer. Allow the hair to cool and then take out the plaits, you should be left with pretty waves. This will work on jaw-length to long hair. PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Try VO5 Mega Hold Styling Mousse 200ml, Boots, £3.00
  6. Featured Image for Hairstylist using a curling iron or tongs
    If you find our curls always drop out as the day goes on, try placing your tong in the middle of your hair when you start from the end and twisting up. The middle is thicker and needs heat for longer. PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Try Remington Pearl Ci95 Hair Curling Wand, Boots, £14.00

Laura Coventry