8 tips for the perfect Christmas feast

christmas feast

Christmas can be stressful when planning the perfect feast for friends and family. Don’t lose your head this year, however, see these simple but brilliant tips and enjoy your day.

1. Get shopping

It sounds silly but have a rummage to see what you actually have in the house and then write a shopping list – that way you won’t miss a thing!


2. Make a list 

If you note down everything you need to do and how long each item takes to cook you can plan out what to cook when.


3. Fail to prepare…

Do as much as you can in advance, make your starter and dessert the day before. You can even pre-peel vegetables in advance.


4. Mass produce

Make one big starter and dessert and let people help themselves!


5. Set the mood

Set the mood with a beautifully decorated dining table this Christmas. See our gallery below for 3 inspirational table settings.


6. Go disposable

Who wants to spend Christmas night slaving over pots and pans? Use disposable trays and toss them out when you are finished. Simple!


7. Keep it simple

If you throw a bowl of brussel sprouts in the bin every year, don’t waste your time. Instead of trying to have every option under the sun opt for less sides or desserts and do the ones that everyone really loves well.


8. Helping hand

We aren’t suggesting you hire a workforce, just persuade one or two of your guests to lend a hand, even if it’s just to ferry plates to the table or empty the dishwasher.



Gallery: table setting inspiration


  1. Featured Image for Glimmering gold
    No Christmas setting is complete without a touch of glimmering gold – add this colour for instantly luxurious look!
  2. Featured Image for Traditional red
    Red is basically the colour of Christmas, and of course, love! So inject a little love into your Christmas dinner by staying traditional.
  3. Featured Image for Sleek silver
    Create the perfect snowy setting by using silver and grey products to lay your Christmas table.

Ashleigh Gibbs