10 expensive-looking evening bags from £10

dressy evening bags

Whether you are a lady that lunches, or just have a big night out planned, these uber expensive-looking pieces will add some serious style points to any ensemble.


Best of the budget

We just can’t get enough of these purse friendly options!

primark silver clutch

Grey Embellished Clutch Bag, Primark, £10

baroque bag primark

Barcoque Clutch Bag, £15, Primark

new look beaded clutch

Black Metal Beaded Clutch, New Look, £22.99

new look embellished clutch bag

Black Gem Stone Embellished Box Clutch, New Look £24.99

boudica monsoon bag

Boudica Embellished Pouch, Monsoon, £28

monsoon clutchSiren Embellished Box Clutch Bag, Monsoon, £35




Best of the blowout 

These ultimate investment pieces will give you some serious label lust.

bex clutch bag dune

Bex – Gold Hard Case Clutch Bag at Dune, £59

aspinal of london

Large Essential Flat Pouch,  £75 at Aspinal of London

small cloud bag cambridge satchel company

The Small Cloud Bag, Cambridge Satchel Company, £115

Michael Kors Net-A-Porter

Jet Set Messenger Leather Shoulder Bag, Michael Kors at Net-A-Porter.com, £195


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Ashleigh Gibbs