Beauty tricks from around the world

Let No.1 take you around the globe as we unveil some of beauty’s best kept secrets…

  1. Featured Image for Germany
    The people of Germany can often be found treading in cold water to activate blood circulation, this is also known as Kneipp treatment. This traditional technique is said to strengthen your immune system and promote a good night’s sleep to keep you in top condition.
  2. Featured Image for Greece
    With some gorgeous beaches to spend time on, it’s no wonder that the Greeks have invented an easy beauty trick to protect their hair from sand and salt. A favourite beauty product in Greece is olive oil, which is applied all over the hair before a trip to the beach in order to hydrate and protect those luscious locks. Adding olive oil to meals, like salads, is also said to leave skin with a healthy glow.
  3. Featured Image for Mexico
    It may be time to get rid of your trusty eyelash curler, as Mexican women have a great substitute, they use teaspoons! Close your eye, place the teaspoon over your eye so that it’s cupping your lid – the bottom edge of the spoon should touch the roots of your top lashes. Use your thumb to press your eyelashes up against the spoon and release after 10 seconds. Voilà!
  4. Featured Image for Spain
    The Spanish are well-known for using potatoes in some of their delicious tapas dishes, but did you know Spanish people have another use for the vegetable? A favourite Spanish beauty trick is to leave sliced potatoes under your eyes. It helps to boost hydration with a similar cooling effect to cucumber and can also help with the dreaded dark circles.
  5. Featured Image for France
    When it comes to beauty tricks in France, skincare is key. Because French women prefer not to look too made up, keeping their skin in tip-top shape is vital. They often swear by people facial massage and do it daily whilst applying moisturiser.
  6. Featured Image for Morocco
    Luckily for us, the people of Morocco shared one of their biggest beauty tricks with us all a while ago. Argan oil can be used for almost anything in Morocco, but is best known for adding moisture to hair or being rubbed all over the skin as a rich moisturiser – it can also make for a very relaxing bath if added to some hot water.
  7. Featured Image for Australia
    It’s no secret that stretch marks can be a huge body woe for many women. Australian women are known to use yarrow extract to help clear up these unsightly marks. The herb contains anti-inflammatory compounds and can also moisturise the skin – a combination that is thought to work wonders for stretch marks.
  8. Featured Image for Brazil
    You may already know the nutritional value of a hearty bowl of oats, but did you know the breakfast staple is also a go-to Brazilian beauty treatment. Not only are these a great addition to a face mask, but mixing oats with water can also help to soothe the skin after spending too much time in the sun.
  9. Featured Image for India
    In India, turmeric is often an essential ingredient to any beauty regime. Turmeric paste can be applied to the face to make skin more vibrant. In India they apply the mask to their face, wait until it dries and then wash it off with water. Indian brides are also known to apply a turmeric mask before the ceremony, which can sometimes be part of the religious festivities in an Indian home.
  10. Featured Image for Sweden
    Ice-cold skincare is Sweden’s best kept secret to a fresh face. The Swedish are known to keep things natural when it comes to beauty. From the simple trick of splashing their faces with cold mineral water to reduce puffiness, to making green tea ice cubes and using them as a toner -Sweden definitely knows how to keep beauty cool.
  11. Featured Image for Poland
    Poland’s magical beauty ingredient can often be found in your kitchen. Applying a homemade hair mask containing whisked egg whites can help to strengthen hair and give it an extra glossy effect.
  12. Featured Image for Singapore
    One great skincare tip from Singapore is to mash up some papaya, rub the mixture onto your face and allow it to set for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. This is thought to increase radiance due to the oils contained in the fruit, while also working as a natural exfoliator as it contains an enzyme called papain.

Ashleigh Gibbs