Half bun hairstyle: 6-step plait tutorial

Half Bun Tutorial

Give the messy half bun a pretty twist in just 6 steps and in under five minutes.


Step 1

Section the top half of your hair and fasten with a bobble in a typical half up/half down style.


Step 2

Slide the ponytail of the top section of hair through a doughnut ring until it sits over the bobble.


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Step 3

Spread your hair over the doughnut ring and wrap a bobble around your hair and the ring, leaving the ends out.


Step 4

Split the ends that are hanging out of your doughnut ring into two and then plait one of the sections.


Step 5

Do the same to the second section. If you have thick hair you can add more plaits if you like.

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Step 6

Lastly, wrap the plaits around the bun and then secure it in place with Kirby grips.

Ashleigh Gibbs