The right lipstick for your skin tone

bright red lipstick shade

Follow No.1’s perfect match guide and find the right lipstick for your skin tone.

  1. Featured Image for Fair
    As a general rule, fair skin tones tend to suit cool lip colours. This means the lipsticks that work best have a very subtle blue undertone rather than an orange undertone. If you invest in a cool mauve/rose, a bold fire engine red and a bright fuchsia you’ll have a complete lip wardrobe.
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    A great option for a cool rose/mauve shade is Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rose Tweed.

  3. bright red lipstick shade

    Go bold with a fire engine red. Topshop Lips in Champion demands attention.

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    Embrace a bright shade of pink with Barry M Lip Paint in Punky Pink.

  5. Featured Image for Medium
    Medium and olive skin tones can carry off most lip colours, particularly bold tones like bright matte red and deep plum tones. It’s the nude lipsticks that can be hit or miss as they can drain colour. Stick to pinky/toffee nudes rather than beige or frosted pink tones.
  6. best matte red lipstick shade

    For velvety matte red lips, opt for Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Lipstick in Star.

  7. Vampy red lipstick

    For a real vampy lip, try MAC Lipstick in Film Noir.

  8. Best nude lipstick shade

    Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick in Coffee Craze gives a pinky/nude tone.

  9. Featured Image for Dark
    Dark skin can really make a statement with a bold lipstick, fuchsia or violet pink shades. But, just like olive skin, nudes are where the problems start as they can dull the natural warmth of dark skin. Instead of a basic brown shade, go for a berry brown.
  10. Best vibrant lipgloss

    Make a statement with Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Boost.

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    A bold fuschia colour such as Yves Saint Laurent Rouge in No.19 Fuchsia Pink will work well with dark skin.

  12. berry lipstick shade

    For a berry brown shade, try Models Own Lip Crayon in Very Berry

Ashleigh Gibbs