10 interior design rules to break

Some interior design rules seriously need de-bunking. Be a decor rebel with our inspiring list of 10 design rules to break.

  1. Featured Image for Dining furniture should match
    This is a definite rule to break! Why not have a statement chair at either end of the table? It will make your home feel more individual and less like you’ve just picked it up from your average homeware chain. Or if that seems a step too far just opt for differing materials.
  2. Featured Image for Don’t mix modern and period pieces

    Wrong! Mix modern and older pieces to add depth to a room, it injects personality and stops it from looking as though you have bought everything from one shop! And by mixing eras it won’t date so quickly.

  3. Featured Image for Every lounge needs a coffee table

    Take your coffee table away and see how much the space opens up.
    Why not try side tables or an ottoman instead? An ottoman will give you somewhere to store clutter and extra seating if you need it.

  4. Featured Image for Avoid clutter

    Carefully thought out clutter can actually become a feature in itself. A cluster of photographs in a variety of frame styles and sizes can make for a beautiful personal display. As can a collection of knick-knacks or pretty crockery. The trick to making a feature out of clutter, is to keep the surrounding area tidy so it doesn’t end up becoming a guddle.

  5. Featured Image for Paint small rooms white to make bigger

    Sometimes it’s better to make the best of what you’ve got, than try to pretend you’re something you aren’t! Embrace small proportions and use it as a chance to create a really dramatic space.

  6. Featured Image for Don’t paint vintage pieces

    One of the easiest ways to bring an older piece up to date is to give it a make-over! Whether it is re-spraying a cabinet, or recovering a chair – do not be afraid to upgrade!

  7. Featured Image for Avoid clashing prints

    Au contraire! Opposing prints can work beautifully in the same room! If you are
    nervous of clashing patterns and prints, and would rather play it safe, select colours that are from a similar colour scheme. It’s a fun way to inject a bit of personality into a room.

  8. Featured Image for Stick the kids’ paintings on the fridge

    For the parent who suspects their child is a genius, this is an essential rule to break! Rather than hanging unimaginative, bland, mass produced prints why not decorate your walls with something altogether more personal? Whether it’s a painting from nursery or even a baby hand-print, by popping it in a beautiful frame it will look like a piece of artwork!

  9. Featured Image for Use small furniture in a small bedroom

    Nonsense! It’s more important to create as much floorspace and keep clutter to a minimum. If you get a higher bed with a tall headboard it will actually trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is.

  10. Featured Image for Every room needs colour

    An all-white room is both beautiful and serene. Plus if you do fancy a change you can make the space look completely different simply by adding accessories in a vibrant colour palette. To stop the room looking clinical, incorporate contrasting materials and textures, such as lace bedding or woollen cushions.